Dwi East Agartha

Center for Aquaculture and Agricultural Products

Dwi East Agartha is a domestic and international trading business company operating in the Aquaculture and Agriculture sector which was founded in December 2021.


Which actively participates in several activities that create several products or goods with quality standards and services that are highly committed to achieving maximum satisfaction in customers in accordance with the policies and mission of “Dwi East Agartha”.


To become a world-class national trading company with good human resource development and technology management and able to dominate markets at home and abroad, trusted to make a good contribution to economic development.

  1. Committed to developing quality products and services, competitive prices, and maintaining sustainable partnerships.
  2. Committed to increasing the productivity of human resource performance through developing competencies, skills, and knowledge.
  3. Develop superior operational systems through information technology systems (analytical data) which function to support innovative and efficient business processes.

Core Value


Have integrity, can be trusted, and can be trusted in carrying out work

Prioritize customer service and orientation

Prioritize justice, equality and harmony

Firm and responsible

Collaborative and synergistic

Ready to Serve Your Aquaculture Product

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Work documentation

Some of Our Work and Delivery Processes

Our products are packaged safely and sustainably. We use packaging materials that meet food safety standards. Through this careful workmanship and delivery process, Dwi East Agartha is committed to providing the best quality aquaculture and agricultural products with maintained freshness.

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