Several Agricultural Economic Opportunities in Indonesia


Indonesia is a country blessed with abundant natural resources. The agricultural sector in Indonesia is one of the most important economic sectors. Agricultural practices are also known as agriculture.

Indonesia has great potential in developing the agricultural sector. In general, there are five potential agricultural sectors in Indonesia, namely:

  1. Food plants
    Rice is one of the products from this food crop sector. According to BPS data, in 2020 the production of milled dry grain in Indonesia reached 54.65 million tons. ing.
  2. Plantation
    Plantation is one sector that is experiencing fairly consistent growth. The plantation area and production results from this plantation are directly proportional to each other.
  3. Fisheries
    Indonesia is a maritime country with a sea area of ​​3,257 million km². The Indonesian seas are rich with all their potential, especially fish, making this sector play an important role in the social and economic structure.
  4. Livestock
    Almost all of the livestock sector in Indonesia is processed by the people as a small-scale business. In Indonesia, farms are classified into two based on the size of the livestock, namely: Large farms, such as cattle, horse, and buffalo farms. Small farms, such as chicken farms, duck farms, etc.

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